David Bullock “The ‘entangled bank’ is unravelling: Returning the weft and warp of wildlife to Gloucestershire”

Sun 22May2022


At Mortimer Rooms, GL6 0HT


© Ruth Hanniffy Vincent Wildlife Trust

In ‘On the Origin of Species’ Charles Darwin describes the complexity and beauty of an entangled bank. Since then, nature has declined, the planet is heating up and we are losing an intimacy with nature. In this talk, David will look at what we could do about this, in two places: The River Severn and the Forest of Dean. Wild boar, beavers and pine martens are already back in the Forest, and the Severn’s salt marsh and surrounding land locks up carbon and supports a huge number of shorebirds and wildfowl. But is there space and opportunity for them to be ecologically richer? How about large carnivores in the forest, and giant fish like Sturgeon in the river?

David was Head of Nature Conservation in the National Trust and he chairs Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

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