LOCAL: An exhibition of photography by Walter Lewis

Fri 17
Fri 14

Ruskin Mill Nailsworth Festival Exhibition 2019

10.00am until 4.00 pm (including weekends)

At Ruskin Mill GL6 0LA


Thoughts are ever more strongly turning to the concept of ‘local’, the framework for the new world that we need. Everyone can stop buying say, cabbages from Spain, and find local ones in high street shops and farmers’ markets. Such simple action could provide the catalyst for more robust local economies and enterprises, out of which could arise some radical, long term ideas. Organic growing, never mind biodynamic, can be hard for everyone to get their head round. Seeking out the local is a very doable thing but quite fundamental to a sustainable future. The closing event on Friday 14 June will be an evening of discussion and celebration of all things local.