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The 2016 Festival is in full swing!

The full programme of events is published on our Calendar page and online booking is now open. For full details of how to book, see our How to book page.

There is a huge range of music on offer, as well as talks, walks, exhibitions and workshops. There is our tradional Festival Saturday, of course, but the festival is far more than that. Festival Saturday was a bit damp round the edges but we ploughed on regardless, and we had almost as many visitors as usual. Thank you for your support. There are pictures of Festival Saturday in Web Album 2016. There are also some pictures from Festival Saturday on our Facebook page and more will appear during the week.

We rely heavily on our sponsors and business supporters to be able to put on such a broad, exciting festival. Individuals play an important role too, contributing as Friends of the Nailsworth Festival. If you are interested in becoming a Friend, please see our Friends page, where you will see some of the benefits available if you become a member.

You can still see some photographs of Festival Saturday 2015 by going to Web Album 2015.

We always welcome support, whether it be financial support by becoming a Friend of the festival or perhaps even sponsoring an event, or practical support putting on the festival.

If you have any bright ideas for events or workshops at future festivals, please let us know via festival@nailsworthfestival.org.uk

You can also still see some photographs of Festival Saturday 2014 and other festival events by going to Web Album 2014. Photographs from previous festivals are at Web Album 2013, Web Album 2012, Web Album 2011, or montage of photographs from 2010.

picture of Sue Limb

Not much happening this year, folks. Only jazz, folk,‘Death and the Maiden’ (a Schubert quartet not a heavy metal band), a Capella, crime, wildlife, Wendy Cope with her ‘Life, Love and the Archers’ (maybe she has a plan to murder Rob Titchener?), talking horses, songs of the land with Susan Raven, and last but not least Ma Polaine’s Great Decline (prize winning musical fusion not health challenge of mature local woman). Phew! I need a lie down myself…

Sue Limb
Well known writer and broadcaster. Sue is a local resident and is the Festival Patron

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